Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yes, I'm resurfacing to my little blog after months of wrapping up my job at DREAMS, packing up all of our belongings and moving them to a snowy apartment in Boston where I will start classes in January. Well, I guess the apartment itself isn't snowy! I think we kind of underestimated the efforts it would take to move every fiber we own up four flights of stairs. I mean, I definitely did not anticipate shedding tears over how heavy our mattress was. . .

After throwing the last q-tip box, dining room chair and dishtowel up into the apartment, we fell asleep until it was time to return our 16 foot truck and then drove to Florida, where I sit right now, typing on my new MacBook, drinking coffee with eggnog and admiring my freshly polished toes. Life is easy for a little while.

My mom gave Sumanth an alarm clock with wheels for Christmas. If you don't turn it off after the first ring, it jumps off the nightstand and rolls all over the room. It's name is Clocky and I'm already wondering if I can turn Clocky into one of those robot vaccuums by attaching cleaning pads to it's legs. . . See, how much free time I have?

Here are some pics of the new apartment, taken in October before the snow or our own belongings came. . .

And here is the building at Simmons where my classes will be, as well as the little park across the street.