Friday, February 22, 2008

Off to India!

Yikes. . . we are running out into the blizzard in three minutes to catch our flight to London where we'll connect to India. . . I'd assured myself that I would have plenty of time this morning for a long, lesiurely post, followed by long, lesiurely coffee. . . you get the idea. . . Anyways, that is not the scene. . . I'll have plenty of pics to post when we come back March 2nd, though:)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Early Birthday

This here is my beautiful new coffee maker(from Sumanth); the color is called intrigue blue. It makes the most wonderful steamy/hissing noises to let me know that it is doing its very best which isn't hard to do with these kona beans that are also an early birthday gift, and a grinder which I've never had before, which isn't shown. I think that my excitement about the grinder is hindering the coffee process, though, because I grind the beans until they're about the consistency of confectioners sugar.

This is a quick one since I'm off to my poetry class, which so far is the very best thing about moving to Boston. The teacher is my new hero and she is as interested and excited in poetry for children as anyone could be about anything. It's a good thing that I love it, because it is Saturday morning.