Friday, March 13, 2009

Three Things to Love about March

Picturebooks galore! This is a sample page of my own experiment in picturebook creation...thinking about shapes and colors turned out to be more fun than I thought and dealing with a gluestick far, far less fun.

Shelf City...This tiny, handmade village is a birthday gift from Sumanth. The eensy houses remind me of the dollhouse exhibit at the museum of fine arts this winter that I loved so much. I rearrange them from time to time, while imagining the tiny ovens and rugs that must be inside...From the looks of this picture, I should spend less time imagining and more time cleaning my windowsill, yuck.

Bread from Clear Flour Bakery. It is our newest and possibly best Boston discovery. If anyone wants me to send some morning buns from here let me know, they are a Clear Flour specialty.