Friday, April 25, 2008

You know you've been studying too long. . . .

When your rear end actually hurts from your lap-top bag slapping it so many times on your rounds around the library looking for needed books. . . or when you hear the library closing announcement and that just means it's time to change your working location. . . or maybe when you go to check your email and you realize that you're typing in your password for EBSCO Host. . .

I'm in my big paper crunch time these last and next few weeks and I'm already over-indulging on coffee and baklava and burritos, not all at once, but those are a few of my favorites lately. . . The hard part about doing so much homework right now is that the weather has been absolutely beautiful--the kind of days when the sunlight seems elastic and the air feels cool but not cold on your skin. Japanese magnolias, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and soft green grass that make me want to be outside smelling them or at least inside painting my toes to match them. . . When I've turned in the last of my three papers, I'll post some spring pictures, until then maybe I'll start carrying my lap-top:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Official Goodbye to Winter, Which Seriously Hasn't Left Until Now

This beautiful reservoir is a suprise that I found just across a couple of streets from us! I guess that I just never noticed it hiding under so much snow. Imagine me getting a glance of these shimmering waters for the first time when I was just out for a walk among zooming and honking cars and apartment buildings and laundromats.

Goodbye floofy down comforter and scarves both scratchy and smooth. Goodbye to microwaving hot coffee so that it keeps my hands warmer for minutes longer. And to the radiator and its hissing, steamy, steam. Goodbye icy puddles and glittery, sugary snow. And frozen toes and hot cocoa with cool whip and my thick aqua robe. Goodbye hypothermia from walking to CVS in my flip-flops and Sumanth having to pour scalding water on my feet to revive them. Yes, Goodbye to that. See you later snow days from school,wintery dry hands and my Christmas tree pajama pants. Byyyeee red wool coat and the cold, cold walks to the T. See you next year cozy cream mittens and snowflakes and hot lemon tea. . . For now, I am off to say hello to spring in Chinatown in a sundress I bought two months ago when there was still ice on the ground.