Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things to love about January

Steamy peppermint tea on frosty mornings

Blue skies on snowy days (this is where I get off of the train in the mornings)

New winter boots with fuzzy insides

There is, of course, an accompanying list of things to hate about January--which would include: weather forecasts like this morning's that declare "Northeast Misery", umbrellas that blow inside out during a freezing rain storm, and waiting for the T to come with windblown groceries in hand, but I won't include photographs of them:)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snowy South End Buttery

First, a few words about the pictures Sumanth posted on Tuesday night (he's not as big on explanations). The Christmas tree salad was a yummy, tree-shaped concoction he came up with in about five minutes after he asked my mom if she had any extra salad ingredients around the house and she gave him tomatoes, feta cheese, an avacado and an onion. The jalepenos and oreos were both for appetizers he made for Jodi's family when they came over--he stuffed the jalepenos with cream cheese and wrapped them with bacon and he ground the oreos up to make crusts for mini-chese cakes. Yep, his love for cooking is ever growing and yielded him many chef-related Christmas presents including a ravioli stamp and multiple thermometers.

This is a picture of the bakery we went to today to use a Christmas gift certificate on cupcakes and coffee. It was in the south end, this neighborhood full of little stores that have signs that say, "Please don't let the dog out, when you open the door." The funny thing is that the shops are all boutique-y and full of small glass vases and spoons and ornaments and the dogs in them are HUGE Saint Bernards and it is so sweet to see them moseying around among all of the glassware miniatures, not breaking a thing. The funnier thing is that it awoke in me a desire for a pet. A desire where there is usually repulsion and which I haven't had since I was about 9 years old and wanted a mouse to keep in my pocket. It will probably pass soon, especially because we can't comfortably house a Saint Bernard in our 650 sq. feet, even if he/she was miraculously trained.