Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rachel Whiteread's Village

...My blog is quiet lately as I try to save each and every typed word for my final papers, but I had to post about this dollhouse village we saw at the museum of fine arts this afternoon. We had snow for the first time today and it was really pretty, flaky snow but it was also really, really cold and the trains didn't seem to come on time and my throat felt sore and tired and I just wanted to be home. I needed to get a book from my school library, and while I was there Sumanth went to the art museum, which is next door. After I studied for a little while, I went to meet Sumanth so we could catch the train and go home to warm showers and hot chocolates and fuzzy socks, etc...Sumanth said that there was just one exhibit he wanted to show me. Oh, my goodness, I had no idea I would be so glad that we went to see it. To get to this exhibit of dollhouses, we had to go through dark curtains to get to a room with a little neighborhood of two hundred doll houses, all lit up inside. It was so, so fun to be in there and feel like we were in a tiny city about to curl up for tiny naps on tiny rugs (the houses weren't really furnished.) I actually forgot about the cold, grey skies outside and the mammoth papers that awaited at home...I guess now that we're home, I better start to remember at least the papers.