Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August: Three trips. No pictures.

If ever a month has darted past like a tiny hummingbird with beating wings, it has been this August. My work has ramped up so much and so quickly with the approaching school year that I hardly noticed my workday gradually expanding to include more and more hours of these late summer days. Long gone are the relaxed July mornings waiting in the long coffee line to order my Americano--this morning I was stirring instant coffee granules into hot water as I walked out the door! Hummingbird pace and instant coffee aside, I am finding much to think about and to love in my everyday work. Today I got to bring new books to a school without a library, and then to go and have a discussion with a group of adults about Winnie the Pooh, and then I got to read Olivia out loud. I don't mind long hours so much with Olivia by my side.

If I had taken the time to take three pictures of this month, the first one would have been at my little cousin's beautiful wedding. I would have taken a picture right as we were all waiting for the ceremony to start--the air was so hot and so still and the sun so bright, that everything had a little shimmery halo around it, like how it sometimes does in a movie when something very important is about to happen.

The second picture would have been in Pennsylvania. I would have had someone take a picture of me napping on the porch of the bed and breakfast where we met Sumanth's family for a mid-summer reunion. The street the house was on was so quiet and the couch so deep and wide--the best nap of the summer, no question.

The third picture would have been of the fountain in the center of the Italian Federal Hill neighborhood in Providence, where Sumanth and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. The fountain was just the perfect height with just the right amount of water spraying out of it, and we made wishes with nickels.