Friday, July 6, 2007

These days. . .

Elisha came to visit this past week and we had lots of fun doing things like: getting summer haircuts, eating summer desserts (like chocolate sushi) and making wishes with sparklers. Here are a few pictures of our mini-vacation in Wilmington:

Here we are in front of the mural made by DREAMS students this summer.

And here we're carefully navigating our way through the rocky beach.

And here we are post-hair cuts. We found the salon in the yellow pages and were mildly disappointed to find out that the man with whom we had appointments laughed like a wild boar and boasted about things like riding his motorcycle down the busy sidewalks on the fourth of July. He explained that this was an OK thing to do because there are no posted signs telling him not to.


Jodi Girden said...

nothing says fourth of july more than a new haircut. and i loved the 'twinsies' pictures.

Paul & Heather said...

cute new haircut!!