Friday, September 28, 2007

On the mend?

Well. . . I seem to have had a run-in with a poisonous plant that I do not recall. That was the best answer the dermatologist could give me after she said, "My, my, at least some people wear sunscreen properly." "Umm, yes, maam, I know I'm pale, but could we give a little bit of attention to the raging rash that is eating my belly alive?" . . . Yes, this little condition, which is spreading even as we speak has had me in its grips since Sunday. I have little else to think about or talk about than my itchiness. . .


Jodi Girden said...

the saddest part is that little red dot under your belly button. i hope the urge to itch dies down reeeaaalll soon.

doctorbarefoot said...

what a Retardo dermatologist....she SHOULD have said what lovely anne-of-green-gables skin you have. and also...were you even around plants?? could you have used a new lotion/cream/anything?!! because it doesn't look linear the way a plant would

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