Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lobster for Lunch and a Signed Lease!

Yesterday I woke up at 5am and got on a plane to join Sumanth in Boston where he has been apartment and job hunting all week. Within about twenty minutes of landing I'd already ordered an $11 lobster with lemon and butter for my lunch and within about forty-five minutes we were already taking my first ride on Boston's Subway, the T, to see an apartment that Sumanth had scoped out earlier in the week. About half an hour later, I was putting my initials under Sumanth's on the "Lead Paint Acknowledgement," that went with our apartment, (probably not too smart seeing as my current skin condition has yet to disappear, but. . . ). The apartment is adorable, and I will post some pictures soon. There are carefully maintained pink roses outside of the building and the wood floors absolutely gleam. It will be smaller than our current, spacey 2br, but from the front door we can take steps to a Thai restaurant, the subway and a very modern Dunkin'Donuts. Right now, we're planning on painting the walls in varying shades of purple.

Today has been a complete whirl of touring the city; maybe it is my medicine, but all I could think was this city sparkles. Between the adrenaline of everything and my still high dose of Prednisone my head is kind of thrumming, but in the most positive kind of way.


Munk said...

Holy Cow!! So amazing and crazy and exciting. Shades of purple have my mind spinning. Joe and I send you a virtual moving truck, a bowl of lobster bisque, and lilac room freshener (and some juice for your high dose of Prednisone).
J and A

Amber said...

Wow, you're moving to Boston! Chuck & I went there last year for a vacation and visited some friends. Much colder than you're probably used to :) But such a neat city.

Don't let all those Dunkin'Donuts get to you... and get rid of that rash so you can get off the prednisone and feel normal again!

Katie said...

Oh Emily! can I be you for a day?

Look forward to seeing those pictures!