Saturday, February 9, 2008

Early Birthday

This here is my beautiful new coffee maker(from Sumanth); the color is called intrigue blue. It makes the most wonderful steamy/hissing noises to let me know that it is doing its very best which isn't hard to do with these kona beans that are also an early birthday gift, and a grinder which I've never had before, which isn't shown. I think that my excitement about the grinder is hindering the coffee process, though, because I grind the beans until they're about the consistency of confectioners sugar.

This is a quick one since I'm off to my poetry class, which so far is the very best thing about moving to Boston. The teacher is my new hero and she is as interested and excited in poetry for children as anyone could be about anything. It's a good thing that I love it, because it is Saturday morning.


doctorbarefoot said...

Intrigue Blue??!!!! I think that is what I would name you if you were a superhero. In fact, I now dub your secret alias Intrigue Blue.
And I also have previously ground coffee to espresso quality, and regretted it as I drank the last swallow of coffee: )

Jodi Girden said...

oh i love this coffeemaker. that steaming and hissing noise will be so comforting on so many mornings. wish i could have a cup of confectioner's kona with you.

Paul & Heather said...

Poetry class on a Saturday morning with a cup of that coffee sounds like perfection to me ;)

Katie said...

oh, oh, make me a cup?

LOVE your apartment... SO fun to live the city life, SIGH... you and Heather and all these friends live these completely romantic lives while I clean poop off walls and try to remember if I brushed my teeth or not!!