Sunday, July 27, 2008

"It Must Have Been Something I Ate..."

Although this picture of Sumanth was taken many, many years before I'd ever seen him, I think it best captures his newly-found happiness in cooking. For the past couple of years, Sumanth has been making more and more recipes, mainly desserts and breakfast foods like truffles and french toast. During this time, I've noticed his expanding food vocabulary from time to time--like when he started to use 'mulch' as something that you do to fruit or when pepper stopped being just black. This week, however, has reached a completely new level. Sumanth has been reading It Must Have Been Something I Ate by Jeffrey Steingarten, a book that casually mentions such delicacies as frog cappuccino and blood sausage and discloses the secret for perfect french fries (horse fat). So far this weekend, we've eaten homemade au gratin potatoes and herbed chicken with apricot sauce and tomato beef empanadas and wine soaked apples and that has just been for dinner...Between the shopping, cooking, eating and cleaning, this new hobby is pretty much all consuming for both of us...

Besides the food that our last visitors of the summer have come and gone (see above before we went out for Tapas--I may appear to be smiling but the shoes I was wearing gave me blisters so bad I almost had to cut my feet off), life is starting to get back into a normal mode and going back to classes feels closer on the horizon.

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Katie said...

Aww, such a cute picture! I'm sure he appreciates you posting it. :) Why do guys hate stuff like that?

SO.... tell Sumanth I would be VERY grateful if he would write a book called "A Real Man Cooks the Meals" and send it to Shaun when in print. That would be AWESOME. I am jealous!