Monday, May 31, 2010

"All things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale

Saturday morning iced coffee and a cinnamon roll from Flour bakery. Sumanth doesn't usually like eating on the ground, but he made an exception this time, evidenced by his shoe in the corner.

The fireplace in my beautiful room at an inn in Vermont where I helped with a Children's Literature New England conference. It was snowing that weekend, so the fireplace got some use.

Watching gorillas blows my mind--this one in particular because we kept locking eyes and her expressions and gestures were so recognizable.


sussah said...

Flip flops, snow, and gorillas, all in May! Really this has been an exceptionally long month. So glad to hear from you, every time. love, sussah

doctorbarefoot said...

oh how can I envy a gorilla, but I do. The cinnamon roll looks delectable, even from way out here. So delighted that you are helping shape and present children's literature to the world. Yeehaw for you in the world!