Friday, July 30, 2010

Three Things to Love about the Way to Work

The bold, brave bus that zooms through Boston traffic to drop me right in the heart of downtown. Sometimes I'm the very first person on in the morning, which makes me feel like the whole bus made a special trip just for me.

This green park that I walk through every morning. On the day of this picture, they were filming a movie here--hence the paper lanterns and fully set tables.

And lastly, an imperfect cell phone picture of my perfect morning americano. The last step before the workday starts.


sussah said...

Dear Emily, thanks for your post... I've been wondering how things are going with your new routine and work. The bus trip doesnt sound too bad. take care & love, sussah

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, I always enjoy seeing your pictures. I hope the actual job is okay, too, and not just the way there and back.

doctorbarefoot said...

oh I sends you a bus just for you to ride to my house, and we drink iced chai and eat scones with real cream. comes that bus!

Jodi Girden said...

i never heard if you ended up sticking with that coffee shop that you loved in theory...that americano looks too perfect to come from there!

what movie?
thanks for always being brave on that bus and answering my calls!