Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three things to love about our fifth anniversary celebration

Anniversary bouquet from Sumanth with pink Snapdragons just like on that hot August day in 2006.

We went to see Bon Iver in concert. This is their newest album cover which looks very much like the music sounds.

Dinner at one of my favorite spots in Boston. Fresh pasta is just so good.


Ellen said...

Happy anniversary! What beautiful flowers!

sussah said...

Dear Emily, You and Sumanth had a beautiful wedding... five years goes by so fast! love, sussah

Rahim said...

Here, here to sussah's comment. I can't believe the galloping speeds with which time travels!

I saw the new Bon Ivre cd at a recent Borders sale and have asked Matt, who bought it, to burn me a copy. Not having listened to it yet, I was glad for the positive review!

May the end of summer bring you and Sumanth many fresh-pasta dinners, covered in sauce made from tomatoes that have had all summer to ripen!

Anonymous said...

I like the theme. Happy Anniversary
again and again.

doctorbarefoot said...

oh my word, this post is so lovely. the painting, the flowers and a ristorante....thank you for sharing the dear ins and outs of your month. off we go into septembria!

Jodi Girden said...

oh those snapdragons! i loved that sweet riverwalk night seeing your deep happiness and pure love. perfect ways to celebrate ;)