Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three Things to Love about February

Early Valentine vases (with itsy bitsy fresh flowers. aren't tiny ones so sweet?)

Melting snow (which I went for a jog through the other day and wound up feeling like a bumbling, melting snowman with each step because my feet couldn't find a hard place to land.)

Children's books galore (the semester is in full swing and last weekend I got to visit the library that houses the personal correspondence of the author of this dear book.)


Jodi Girden said...

i love those vases with tiny flowers. i think they would look nice at your table tomorrow...if only you could b.y.o.f(lowers!)

sussah said...

glad to hear from you again! love, susanna

Katie said...

I need to get this book! Emily, you have to send me some book recommendations when you have a minute, I would so appreciate that. Thank you for your sweet comment re: my mean anonymous blog visitor. xo

You are too funny with your little village and imagining what's inside. I love you. You and Heather- I love to climb inside your lives for a while when i visit here and there. :)