Monday, September 14, 2009

Three Things--So Far--To Love About September

Miniature produce from the farmer's market.


The view of the changing leaves from my favorite spot in the library.


Jodi Girden said...

love the coffee table (with a mini-pumpkin!)
love the purple skirt
love that cozy study spot!

you're right...there are already 3 things to love about september!

Jodi Girden said...
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sussah said...

thanks, Emily, those are beautiful! love, sp

Amber and Aurora said...

I love the little pot in the center of your table - and I'm a fan of festive table runners. I like your life and your blog :)

Anna said...

What a beautiful table setting, Emily! I love how you notice the most unexpected details in everyday things to love each month.

doctorbarefoot said...

i am a bit chagrined that the year is flying by, but Delighted that it means new blog posts. i fear october will be hear in just a moments time. love the light pumpkin-y background; it is just right for the beginning of turning leaves.

Rahim said...


Your blog posts always make bigger the spectrum of things I notice and like. And always, always make me pay deeper attention to the seasons.

Glad you're blogging again -

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