Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh, October!

Dear me. This month has been so tightly packed that I almost missed documenting it here. Almost.

Amidst the larger issues that have been consuming me--beginning to wrap up school, learning (how very much time and energy it takes) to grade student papers, and applying for jobs, (not to mention flying to Chicago to meet my newest nephew!), these are three things that have made me very happy this month:

I ran into Sumanth on the T. It was bound to happen sometime, and after nearly two years here now, it has. I was coming from studying downtown with a friend, and Sumanth was coming from stopping at the post office after work. The train car that I was in was packed full, rush hour full, and I was fiddling with my ipod and I looked up and there was Sumanth's bright, superman-blue sweatshirt right in the middle of so many crazed commuters.

My mom came to visit and we found this sculpture of a horse that her art teacher eyes recognized from far away. She said, "Is that a Deborah Butterfield horse?" "No," I said, "just some horse." Sure enough, when we walked up to it, we read the plaque; my mom was right about the sculptor, and the horse's name is Henri. Now I think of her wonderful visit every time I see him.

I have found a new coffee shop. This is a picture from the outside. I go and get an americano in a purple mug and one of these brioche and it reminds me of the coffee shops I went to in france. The fall leaves look beautiful from its windows even when the sky is gray.


Jodi Girden said...

i saw the end of october approaching and had my fingers crossed for a 'three things' post! i love that you saw sumanth on the t like that. whenever i see matt when i'm not expecting to, i get that same old saga-churning-nervous feeling in my's the best!

sussah said...

I get that exact feeling about Johnny, what is sometimes called "butterflies", and we will have our 30th anniversary in December. Thanks Emily!! Very beautiful pictures. Love, susanna

Rahim said...

Oh October, indeed. I'm off to a find a coffee-shop through which the world looks beautiful even when grey. It's been unseasonably warm (and Noah's Ark wet)in the South, which combine to make it a really, really beautiful fall. Hope the same is true for Boston.

doctorbarefoot said...

oh dear, I now feel greedily hungry for brioche, which I am sure my unsophisticated mouth has never tasted. And bless you for getting an americano, it is joe and my thrifty way of drinking a yummier drink than just plain coffee (we ask for lots of room and then put in milk and sugar....almost tastes like a latte).
you make the passing of the months lovely, and it is one of the many things I love about you.

Brooke said...

that train track stretches out so clean and long, i feel like there is calm and quietness to spare in the world. which is a wonderful feeling. Superman Blue indeed! for a moment i thot perhaps Sumanth wore superman sweatshirt but i am going with Superman being a modifier for blue. either way, marvelousness. as is emily.

Heather said...

I need to come visit again so that we can go to your newest coffee shop find ~ I still think of the last one, and that delish spanikopita & gelato & coffee ... all in one sitting :)

Anonymous said...