Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Postmen Throwing Their Parcels into the Nearest Bushes

My dear, sweet boss really stood up for me today in a time when I was needing standing up for. About a month ago, we applied for two grants(with deadlines), both of which are very important to the continuity of the entire project. I was really careful about addressing and mailing them but then I started to be busy with other things and never checked to confirm their receipt. Well, we found out today, that, although we didn't
get anything back in return mail, the applications were never received. The office was all abuzz with how this could have happened, and you have to admit, it didn't look good for me. My boss, Helen, responded quickly: "Has anybody heard about the postmen who throw their parcels into the nearest bush when they're fired? Yes, its true, and sometimes they throw them into rivers and oceans. We should be glad that our papers are probably dry somewhere. They could be at the bottom of the sea." When no one had heard of those stories she said, "Oh, the poor souls who work at the college mail center; they can be so slow-witted." I hope I can be that kind of boss someday.


doctorbarefoot said...

I'll be honest, I still honest...I STILL think of her name being something very classic like Enid or Judith. Perhaps because she is 89 years old?? No, but seriously, stupid postmen.

Lindsey said...

How kind! And I am totally bummed for your proposals.